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About Peoples Anonymous

Welcome to Peoples Anonymous. Herein lies one of the most profound spiritual healing recipes ever entrusted to the human race. This Twelve-Step technology has the capacity to heal your life beyond anything you may have previously imagined. Millions are currently living happy, joyous, and free by simply applying this program to their daily lives. We consider the twelve-step recipe outlined in this book to be the spiritual alchemy of the 21st Century. It transforms the lives of those who are willing to follow the directions precisely into gold. 

Peoples Anonymous proposes that anyone can significantly improve the quality of his or her life by applying the spiritual principles of the Twelve-Step Recovery Program originally given to the world by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935. You need not be an alcoholic or an addict to experience a powerful spiritual awakening. With this recipe for healing, radical transformation is now within your reach, no matter your current  challenges or what point you’re starting from. Many of us in the human race suffer from some form of our own internal spiritual malady, such as always feeling apart from, “different” or simply never good enough. This feature of the human experience can show up as a lack of self-confidence, a sense of depression, anxiety, or merely being restless, irritable, and discontented.

At times, the human condition swings to the other extreme, creating those apparent egomaniacs that are usually covertly suffering from an extreme inferiority complex. We often feel as though we are aimlessly moving through life devoid of a deep sense of purpose and meaning. We of Peoples Anonymous feel that the majority of the frustration inherent in the human condition comes from (a) futilely searching for things where they are not, and (b) primarily being consumed with self (ego). To medicate this internal dis-ease, many of us have tried some of the following: yoga, self-help books, going to counseling, seeking the “guru,” retail therapy, going to ashrams, going to churches, getting sprinkled with water, taking communion, acupuncture, going to therapy, exercise, using drugs and alcohol, overeating, transcendental meditation, materialism, attention seeking, gossip, plastic surgery, neurolinguistic programming, studying theologies, taking a trip, not taking a trip … ad infinitum. We are, at times, unable to bring into our lives the true desires of our hearts. We have been operating out of a sense of scarcity, although we live in a universe of abundance. As Auntie Mame says, “Life’s a banquet, and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death!”

By working the Twelve Steps in our lives, we begin to seek things where they are. Coincidentally, they are much more easily found there. Applying this spiritual surgery to our life, we genuinely gain freedom from the bondage of the false self and discover our authentic Self. We of Peoples Anonymous have found this work heals our suffering from the human condition at the causational level. Simply put, we now live joy-filled, abundant lives of
tremendous meaning and purpose.




“Finally, a user’s manual for the human race. Peoples Anonymous provides a 12 Step approach to life and recovery (from all kinds of conditions) that is accessible to everyone. In fact, it’s better to use the Peoples Anonymous Big Book if you’ve never had an addiction. What you will discover is a deeper understanding of how to connect your authentic values with your actions. Which makes for a healthier life. Pick it up and start reading it. Now.”

~Dr. Bruce F. Singer, Psy.D.




“Certainly, everyone can benefit from this approach to life and be a better person for it. It’s a simple system based on tried and true principles for living a balanced life. It becomes its own reward. Peoples Anonymous finally opens this amazing program to everyone.”

~Dr. William Loving




“Peoples Anonymous is a powerful instrument for help and healing in our world. I am deeply grateful for Lane W.’s commitment to bring it to us in this clear and compelling work.”

~Rev. Steve Bolen, Senior Minister, Unity Church of the Hills