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This book is a beginning, not an end. Always keep an open mind to experience strength and hope from those who have been working these steps successfully with regard to the various ways you can continue to apply them to your life. The exercises enclosed merely scratch the surface of a lifelong journey. I honestly do not believe that this book will ultimately become the basic text for Peoples Anonymous, but it is my hope that this chip of a book will be a spark that the world will fan into a flame that becomes a movement where, finally, all are welcome.

Some day, the first hundred members of PA, like the first hundred members of AA, may get together and construct their own volume. Until then, you are welcome to use mine.

PA is not a marriage between a Course in Miracles and the Twelve Steps, but it is assuredly an intimate relationship. May this union of these two incredibly beautiful spiritual technologies help bring healing and recovery into the twenty-first century.

There are no words to express my gratitude to the One who entrusted me with this task. Honestly, I felt there were many far more qualified. It is my only hope that my Employer (Dad) is well pleased. If I lived a million years, I could not begin to repay the gifts that have been so freely given me as the direct result of being able to finally access my Higher Power through these Twelve Steps.

For more info about the book click here.

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